How to Tell a Girl She Gave You Herpes

Today you ran across this page definitely for a reason, so which one is it? Did you just really happen to pass by out of curiosity, trying to help out a friend in need, or dealing with the embarrassing discovery of having herpes or STD yourself? A nightmare that is so real and you can’t get out of! First of all, you are not alone. There are probably tons of questions bothering you, from “Why me?” to “Was it her? It’s got to be her.” to “How do I tell her?” and “Who’s to blame?”.

Prior to making the move that can potentially change your life forever, it’s wise to make an informed decision by learning about herpes symptoms, and the right way a real man would tell a girl she actually gave him herpes. Primarily, you’ve got to be certain first that what you have is indeed the said disease. Get a reliable basis, rather than jumping into conclusions and even the slightest possibility of making the biggest mistake of your life! Confirm if you’ve got herpes if any of the following describes your current condition, and of course, by seeking professional help and undergoing a herpes test.

She gave me herpes

What are the Symptoms?

If symptoms start to make itself known soon after a person has been infected, more often than not, they tend to be severe. It may start from small blisters which soon break open and yield raw, painful, scabbing sores which may be accompanied by symptoms similar to what it’s like when having a flu. They can appear around the genitals and can manifest on the buttocks, thighs, and anal region.

Common Symptoms of Genital Herpes in Men and Women

Herpes Symptoms

  • blistering sores, cracked, red areas
  • pain when urinating
  • itchiness and tingling around genitals or rectal area

Flu-like Symptoms

  • fever
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • headaches
  • backaches
  • tiredness or fatigue
  • lack of appetite

How is Herpes Diagnosed?

The herpes simplex virus is generally diagnosed through a physical exam wherein your doctor will check for sores within your body. You will typically be asked about your current symptoms. If sores have developed on your genitals, HSV testing, blood test, DNA test, or herpes culture might then be requested to confirm the diagnosis. A swab sample of fluid from the skin sore or lesion is collected then sent to the laboratory for testing, to determine if it does contain HSV. The moment of truth will arrive in about a week’s time with results already available.

How Do You Tell Her?

If the condition confirmed and you are faced with the inevitable, it’s natural to be overwhelmed with a mix of emotions. You are angry you want to scream and go into a rage. You want nothing else but to confront and blame your girlfriend, or maybe ex about what happened to you. Before you go into that. Give her the benefit of the doubt and hold your horses. What if she honestly did not have any idea, and you do have that one woman or girl in your life who loves you more than anything in the world?

Another thing, the virus can remain dormant from a few days to a couple of weeks, to months and even years after you have become infected. This means even you might have passed it along the way if you’ve had another partner or had contact with someone else. It’s a sad truth that many people are actually not aware that they have herpes, for it’s quite common that it produces no signs and symptoms, or can be very mild and do not have an impact at all. This means that they can be unknowingly passing it along, which in this case, is even more unfortunate since it’s you whom it was given to. Worse, you are experiencing an outbreak of the virus and its prominent symptoms which you simply can’t ignore!

By now, the effort of educating yourself firsthand in reading this helpful advice for men dealing with the same problem, and the courage of going through a herpes test makes you a real man! So, all that’s left is to think everything over very carefully and ultimately talk about it, for she deserves to know. Do it in person and only attempt if you think you can handle it by staying mature. Be factual by stating what you have observed and how you think you got it, and why it must be from her, while doing your best with all your might not to point fingers and blame or judge your girlfriend or your ex. You will want to suggest to her that she go see a doctor and have a test performed to help her out. This works best for everyone- hers and yours, and maybe future boyfriend’s sake.

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