STD Soulmates Review

STD Soulmates
Rating CriteriaRating
Chance of getting a date0.5
Privacy protection2.5
Customer service1
Value for money1.5
STD support2.5
Overall Rating1.7 /5


With more and more people falling prey to various STDs, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to find companionship and love. STD Soulmates is an online dating website that aims to bring such people together so that they can find friendship and love while supporting each other. STD Soulmates offers HPV dating, Herpes dating, and HIV dating at absolutely no cost at all. It is very easy to search through other profiles to get a perfect match. While the members can find friends and love by interacting with each other, they can also understand and support each other. STD Soulmates also extends support to people with STDs by sharing information and articles that can help them through their struggle.


The features and services are free. STD Soulmates does not have different levels of membership for its users. All users can enjoy all the features at no cost.

Protect privacy

STD Soulmates exercises some basic privacy control on the user accounts. The details shared by the user are considered confidential, and STD Soulmates will not share them outside the scope of the website under any circumstance. The user can also choose to keep this identity anonymous.


The design is very basic and straightforward. The home page has links to all the features of STD Soulmates. While a member can log in through the login box on the main page, he can also search for other users with the quick search. There is a blog with many articles on various topics related to STDs, such as how to inform your partner that you are infected and about new discoveries for immunity and cure. The home page also directs the users about the latest and useful dating tips. On the whole, the entire design is kept quite basic, and there are no extensive frills to attract the user.

Sign up

Unlike many other sites, STD Soulmates has kept its sign up process very quick and easy. There are not many questions that the user is required to answer. The home page has a link to the sign-up form, which has very few questions to be answered and boxes to be filled. It doesn’t take much time to complete it. The profile type can be either couple or single. A user is supposed to answer a few compulsory questions, such as name, sex, date of birth and email id. There are a few optional items, such as the country, city and zip code. The user is required to mention the STD that infects him. After filling the complete form, the user needs to submit the form and wait for the admin approval.

Ease of use

STD Soulmates is simple to use. The home page has links to various features and services. A user can join the online community by giving his basic details and dating interests. The process is simple and does not take much time. After joining the community, a member can navigate through the site very easily. He can browse through various profiles without any difficulty.


  • STD Soulmates provides a social platform for people to overcome their insecurity by supporting each other.
  • The users can choose to interact with each other by sending emails to each other accounts.
  • Members can add their photos and can also view the photographs of other members.
  • The STD news section provides latest articles on various STDs from around the world. The section is regularly updated. It provides the users all the relevant and latest STD news at a single point. The user can choose to browse through various headlines or read the articles in detail.
  • A user can invite his friends or contacts to be a part of the dating community.
  • A member can choose to add videos to his profile.
  • Members can also find links to helpful products that would go a long way to help them in their medical condition.
  • The members can share their blogs with other members. These blogs give the members an opportunity to know each other’s interests and views in a better way.
  • It also uses tags for the search of various member profiles. These tags are the words that various members have chosen to describe themselves. The different tag words used are caring, outgoing, fun, compassionate, loyal, etc.

Which STD singles does STD Soulmates have?

Among others, STD Soulmates mainly focuses on HSV-1, HSV-2, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, and HPV. The signup form makes it compulsory for the user to fill in what STD he lives with because it is not a shame to live with an STD. It is important to reach out and seek help while helping each other.

STD support

STD Soulmates provides an extensive social platform to help people living with various STDs. The STD news section is updated with articles from all over the world to encourage the site’s members and also keep them updated. STD Soulmates also has a list of helpful and reliable products to ease the suffering of people. The site encourages those people to find reliable assistance to reduce their pain.

Customer service

STD Soulmates provides a decent customer service for its members. There is a feedback section where a member can send his comment, query or regards. The feedback section requires the member to submit his name and email id, along with the message subject and text.

Room for improvement

Though it has some useful features for its users, there are a few areas where there is scope for some improvement. The website design is too plain and not very attractive. The home page could be better regarding color choice and tab positioning. STD Soulmates allows users from around the world to be a part of its domain, but not many users outside the US have active profiles.


STD Soulmates is one of best STD dating sites, it provides a perfect social platform for people suffering from HSV-1, HSV-2, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, and HPV. The members can easily get in touch with other. There is a broad range of features offered by the site at no cost. STD Soulmates goes a step further in extending support to people with various STDs by sharing articles and latest news about STDs with its members. can’t be reached already. Please join to meet other HSV singles, or check the top list of best herpes dating sites.

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