HWerks Review

Rating CriteriaRating
Chance of getting a date2
Privacy protection4.5
Customer service2.5
Value for money4
STD support3
Overall Rating3.1 /5

What is HWerks

HWerks is a dating website exclusive to people suffering with Herpes. It creates a sensitive environment to connect with those who share the same struggle, but who desperately wants deep relationships; not just romantic relationships, but potentially lifelong friendships.

The structure of the site is entirely for the benefit of its members, who all experience the everyday toil of Herpes. They offer a one-time expense sign-up, at which point full access to the social network is available. Support, friendships, and love are just one-click away.

Dedicated to their community, HWerks utilizes ning.com to help build its membership base and customer support. Ning helps launch social media sites by growing the community, creating a usable social platform, and providing usable services to its customers.

Front Page

Signup and Pricing

To become a part of the HWerks community, all that is required is a one-time payment of $30. After the one-time payment, membership is available for life.

They have seen, time-and-time-again, the situation in which a member closes his or her profile because there aren’t any members in the immediate vicinity; at which point, a new member signs on from that immediate vicinity.

This unfortunate occurrence is unacceptable to the site management. That is why a one-time payment of $30 is all that is required. Monthly charges only lead to members leaving before finding what they were looking for, when they joined HWerks in the first place.

HWerks does not offer a free membership or free trial, like other std dating sites. This is for two reasons. One, they are dedicated to the privacy of its members. When a member signs on and engages in the community, it is because of the sensitive situation of having Herpes that they would rather not get out to the general public. Free-trials or free membership could cause a breach of the privacy its members want.

Two, free-trial and free membership profiles tend to clutter up the site. Other dating sites, such as Positive Singles, that offer free membership profiles require payment before engaging in meaningful activities on the site itself. Therefore, creating free profiles only becomes an incentive to boost numbers artificially. They want to avoid this.

Site Features


The blog is a great place to obtain the most up-to-date information on Herpes medical developments and events. It is here where the operators of the website give information concerning treatments, testing, social events, and in-person forums. Members are able to receive a wealth of information on the nationwide Herpes community here.

Local Groups

HWerks recognizes that technological interaction is not the only thing needed for support or friendship. Therefore, they provide knowledge of local HSV and HPV support groups in the area. Getting together with and having both group and one-on-one interaction with those who understand what each other are going through is vitally important to getting back to a fulfilling life, after learning about a Herpes diagnosis.

National Events

Events are held nationwide, in both the US and Canada, every year. It is important to get out and socialize with other people experiencing the same thing, after obtaining a diagnosis. HWerks alerts its members to these events, both big and small, so its community can experience the cohesive feeling of fellowship in person.

Features for Members

HWerks provides a variety of services. The most obvious one is dating. Members can learn of other potential romantic interests in their area who have Herpes as well. They boast a membership base of thousands who are anxiously waiting to get back into the dating scene.

Community support is another important feature. The hopeless feelings, questions, concerns, and fears that all come from having a Herpes diagnosis are common. HWerks members are composed of those who are new to the lifestyle placed upon them by the std, to those who have been coping with it for years. The journey is not easy, but they hope to make it easier.

The forum is a great source of information. The internet is rife with information about everything, including Herpes. Some of this information is true, some of it are old-wives-tales. The forums, written by and responded to by those who know the actual facts, seeks to separate fact from fiction. It is, also, a great place to share accurate information with those new to the community.

The blog is a great place to share relevant medical developments. An article from September 8th, 2016 is titled, “Can Gene Editing Cure Herpes?” The article goes on to report the research performed by Scientists at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, which discusses the possibility of gene editing to treat diseases, one of which being Herpes.

The chat rooms are a keystone to the HWerks community. This is where initial interaction with the community begins. There are instant message chat rooms and video chat. The video chat is a particularly nice feature, in that it allows members to see each other and interact on a more personal level than allowed by simple chatting.

Safety and Privacy

HWerks goes to great lengths to protect the privacy of its members. In addition to not having free trials or free membership profiles, they do not give third-parties information at any cost. According to the website, they will not give out information to third-party “even if pigs grow wings”. That’s a promise.

Furthermore, creating a profile and becoming a member does not require uploading photos. HWerks understands the sensitivity of joining this type of community and wants its members to be completely comfortable. There isn’t any pressure to rush in and become involved in everything. Involvement is entirely on its member’s time and terms.

Which STD Singles Does HWerks Cater To?

As has been mentioned continuously throughout this review, HWerks caters to those with Herpes. However, they also cater to those with Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

STD Support and News

Through the various forums and blog posts, HWerks keeps its members updated on the most recent developments in medical advancements towards treatments for STDs, particularly Herpes. By giving alerts to local and national events, they encourage personal interaction with others in the same boat.


Dating sites are complex to operate in themselves. HWerks does a fantastic job of not only creating a successful dating website, but creating a community for those with a sensitive condition. It goes above and beyond the call to its membership, managing the site with compassion towards those who join.

The only way to know the quality of service and community, however, is to give it a try. For those with Herpes, it is certainly worth a try.

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