Top 5 Herpes Dating Apps for iOS and Android

Dating in the age of technology may seem simpler in some respects, but there is still a level of confusion when it comes to downloading online dating apps. Which ones offer the features you want and gives you real access to people you might be compatible with?

Below are the top 5 herpes dating apps that offer the best features and ease of use. Some have more active memberships than others, but consistent use will provide results. Download them all and see which one you like. Your special someone is waiting to meet you right now.

#1: PositiveSingles

Positive Singles App

The Positive Singles app and website are more established and tested over time than most. There are a lot of successful dating and relationship stories for people suffering from herpes and many other types of STD’s coming from actual users of this app. It helps that there are so many active members. This is one of the best herpes dating apps where you have a great chance of finding someone special that understands what you are going through since being diagnosed with an STD. You will feel more comfortable dating someone with herpes since you already have the condition too.

Positive Singles was launched in 2002 and has been the consistent number 1 of all herpes dating sites. Read Positive Singles Review and you will know why they are considered the best herpes dating site. They have a long track record of bringing those diagnosed with STD’s together with successful relationships as a result.


  • Let’s Meet: Get into immediate dating action mode by suggesting an activity and someone close by will take you up on it.
  • High Number of Active Members: There are over 700,000 members that are frequently active, providing a large pool of possibilities when looking for a dating partner.
  • Winks and Matches: Members can send you a “wink” if they are interested or you can let the system algorithm offer matches for you.
  • Blog and Forum: You can up-to-date on herpes news and dating advice with the blog and forum areas.
  • Photo Albums: You have the ability to put together private photo albums and share them with any member you wish.

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#2: MPWH


The MPWH app and website are built exclusively for those diagnosed and living with genital or oral herpes. The setup is much like traditional dating sites, but it allows you to reply to email messages without paid membership. There are some limitations on functions with the free membership, but you can browse the profiles as much as you want. It is a very laid back and friendly community that stays very active.

Meet People With Herpes is a website and app that allows herpes diagnosed people from all over the world to connect and form relationships discreetly. The MPWH app is free to download and start at any time.


  • Let’s Meet: Fast track way to start dating right away.
  • Profile Verification: Great lengths are taken to ensure people are as they represent.
  • My Lists: A great way to introduce your likes and dislikes to break the ice.
  • Alert Settings: The controls for alert settings are better than most apps of this type.
  • Photo Sharing: You have the ability to create personalized private photo albums that you can share with other members.
  • Email Privacy: You can send emails using the site to protect your actual email account.
  • Winks: You know when someone is interested when they send you a “wink” or message.
  • Ability to Feature: You can stir up interest by featuring your picture, which will blast to all members and let them know you are available and looking for a partner.

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#3: HerpesDating

Herpes Dating App

The Herpes Dating app takes things to a worldwide audience of people diagnosed with herpes, HPV and other similar STD’s. The app stays very active with visitors at all hours. The variety of time zones included makes it possible to connect with people at all hours of the day or night. It is offered on the Mac operating system but is primarily designed to be used on iPhone and Android phone. It is social media friendly, but at times you may experience an increase of spam in your email inbox.

Xiao Qin Cai launched this app in 2015 to encompass the world with a safe platform for herpes sufferers worldwide to connect in friendship, emotional support and provide dating opportunities.


  • Easy Navigation: This is one of the most attractive herpes dating apps that seems easy to navigate, share pictures and chat privately, or with a larger group.
  • Tinder-Swipe: You can view two profiles at once and swipe positive or negative response.
  • Informative: There is access to a lot of useful information to those newly diagnosed when it comes to living a normal life and dating.
  • Complete Privacy: This is a strong feature and employees of the company have had to sign a contract to protect the privacy of information.
  • Connections: Making connections in a group or individually is simple and straight forward, allowing you to participate in the latest conversations or take things private once you have scored a match or two.
  • Match: The internally built-in algorithm will offer possible matches based on the information you provide in the profile and you simply swipe left to accept and right top deny.

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#4: Hift

Hift App

The Hift app is designed to help people build friendships, date and discover love after being diagnosed with all types of STD’s. There is no current desktop version. It is easy to use and has members that span a large swath of the US, but members might not always be available in your exact location. It is a growing community of people that are able to share similar stories and experiences.

The Hift app launched in 2015 to allow users with a variety of diagnosed STD’s a non-judgmental platform to meet, chat and build relationships.


  • Hot Topics: This is the group chat area in which conversations about a variety of topics happen.
  • ID Verification: Ensures users are very serious.
  • Moments: The moment area allows you to post and share pictures of activities, events and things you are doing at any particular time.
  • Match: The interface for matching is much like a game and really fun.
  • Vote: Get involved in the community and vote on all sorts of crazy topics.

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#5: Truster

Truster App

The Truster app is one to watch as the security features and screening capabilities offer a lot of privacy. There are plans to expand the active membership areas, but it is limited at the moment. There is still a lot of great information you can gather through this app discreetly. It can be an invaluable source of expert information about herpes and HSV in general.

The Truster app was created to reduce the stigma attached to dating with herpes and plans are in the works to expand to assist those with other types of STD’s find good information and build relationships.


  • Teamwork: This app was designed and is run by individuals who are also diagnosed with herpes.
  • Discretion: You can block friends from seeing your app activity for privacy and there is never a mention of herpes or HSV.
  • 3 Members A Day: You are not barraged by members since they only introduce 3 new members each day.
  • Topics: New information is available frequently regarding HSV and advice on successful dating with herpes.
  • Connections: Professional singles with a current HSV diagnosis are able to freely interact as a community and individually.

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Each herpes dating app has benefits and drawbacks. Try them out yourself and see which one works best for your needs. It is the perfect time to find the true love of your life. Are you ready?

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