H-YPE Review

Rating CriteriaRating
Chance of getting a date0.5
Privacy protection4
Customer service2
Value for money2
STD support1.5
Overall Rating2 /5


H-YPE.com is an online STD dating platform for people in the United Kingdom, who are suffering from Herpes or HPV. The YPE in the title name stands for your positive experience. H-YPE.com is built to provide a positive experience to its visitors and members. People suffering from an STD tend to get lonely while feeling discriminated and unhappy. H-YPE.com aims to provide such people a community support. The members can hope to find love, support, and real friendships through H-YPE.


A user can sign up and avail the standard membership for free of cost. A standard member has access to some of the basic features on H-YPE. To avail more features, the user has the option to become a full access member. A full access membership comes under some exciting plans:

  • 1-month membership costs £5.95
  • 3-month membership costs £13.95
  • 6-month membership costs £22.95
  • 1-year membership costs £36.95
  • Lifetime membership costs £94.95

All the payments can be made through the use of a credit card and pay pal. The site administrators try to keep everything transparent for the user and claim that the money earned through memberships is used to improve the response time of the server and for other website improvements.


H-YPE.com is designed in an extremely simple way, with the emphasis on providing the user with the maximum information. The background is a pale blue color, and that is pretty much the only color on the website. The top corner of the homepage has links to the join page, the regular login page, and the sensitive login page. Further down, the page aims to explain to the user what the site motto is and why the visitor should become a member. Various features and membership rules are described in great detail. All explanations are done in the simplest of language for the benefit of each and every user.

Protect Privacy

A user can be assured that his privacy is guarded while he browses through the website and utilizes its various features. The login is safe and secure. H-YPE.com exercises the standard privacy controls on all the user accounts. The personal details of the user are kept confidential and are not shared outside the scope of the site. It goes a step forward and offers to safeguard the concerns of a sensitive user. The H word is not unnecessarily used all over the site, which in turn saves the user from guilt and embarrassment. The site offers a feature wherein the member can opt for a sensitive login, instead of a regular login. The sensitive login allows him to avoid using the term ‘Herpes’ during registration.

Ease of use

H-YPE.com is simple and easy to use. The aim of the site is to provide community support to a member. All the major quick links can be found on the main page. A visitor can quickly browse the website to understand what it has to offer. Free signup is available to let a visitor become a member. The member can then avail all the standard features of the website and decide for himself if he wants to upgrade his membership.

Which STD Singles Does H-YPE Have?

H-YPE.com invites people with herpes and HPV to join their community of users. The H in the title name stands for HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus) and HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). It aims at creating a positive and happy environment for these individuals. Users can find not just love, but true friendships and public support through the medium of this website.

STD Support

H-YPE.com is maintained by people who suffer or have suffered from HSV or HPV. These people understand the various issues a member might be going through. They offer support and live advice to the site users because they firmly believe that their experiences can teach a lot to others. Even a regular member can get email support and sincere advice from the experienced advisors. The members are provided full communal support. H-YPE.com offers an enjoyable experience to the users by providing many features, such as blogs and forums and by organizing many events, such as local get together, parties and seminars. The chat room and IM have video and audio features.


The full access members, as well as the standard members, can perform a search on other users of H-YPE. A search can be done by a keyword or by using the zip or postal code of the desired profile. An advanced or quick search is also offered to the users of the website.


A standard member can access the following features:

  • The standard member can create a profile and add photos to that profile. He can update his profile whenever he wants and can also manage the pictures.
  • He can view the profiles of all the users that have viewed his profile.
  • The user can add videos to his profile. These videos can help him to share more about himself with other users.
  • The user can get email support and aid from the advisors of the website. This feature offers an online help forum for people who need them.
  • The user can block the members that he wishes to avoid. He can also unblock the blocked members whenever he desires. The member can also add and remove friends from his list.
  • He can access the site blog for extended STD support. He can thus view the blogs written by other members.
  • The user can also create events and post them on the website. He can also view the events posted by other members.
  • The exclusive app of the site is also available for the members. They can access the site’s main features on the app.
  • The user can become a member of various groups and also has access to public forums.
  • He can perform a search on other profiles on the website by his interests and parameters.

In addition to the above features, a full access member can benefit himself with the following features:

  • The member can send emails to contact other users and can also enter chat rooms. The user can also access the two kinds of instant messengers.
  • The user can use the webcam for an audio or video connect with others.
  • He can record a video message for other members with the help of a webcam.
  • He can send greetings or emoticons to other members.
  • The full access member has access to private and public forums.
  • He can tweak his private settings.
  • While the full access member can create his blog, he can also comment on various blogs created by other users. He can also comment on videos and pictures of other users.

Room for improvement

Though H-YPE offers great online support for many users in the UK, few areas have room for improvement. It could be designed in a more attractive way. The basic structure could be ditched for better and vibrant colors. It could also consider expanding outside the UK for the benefit of more people who suffer from various STDs.


H-YPE.com is a fast growing community for singles in the UK with HSV or HPV. It extends help and support for such singles, along with being a dating platform to find love and friendship. Though the standard membership plan is offered free of cost, this plan does not give full access to all site features. The full access membership plans are quite affordable for all. Features offered by H-YPE are helpful for members to get in touch and know each other well. The members can communicate with each other through emails, instant messaging and can also take part in forums and chat rooms. The privacy and security features are good and useful.

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