Top 10 Best Herpes Dating Sites Reviews of 2016

Dating someone is hard enough, and it’s even more difficult when adding an STD condition to the mix. However, you need not put an end to your love life just because you have herpes (HSV-1 or HSV-2), thanks to numerous herpes dating sites for people with herpes condition. These sites provide a convenient and discrimination-free atmosphere to move out of your closed space and start meeting people. Because all the members have the same condition of living with an STD, you do not have to worry about being rejected. Herpes dating sites give you a platform to give as well as receive support from like-minded members. You can search for hundreds or thousands of singles from your locality and pick someone whom you would like to date. In addition, you can use the forums and chat rooms to stay updated with the latest information and news which will surely have an impact on your life.

We provide reviews and rate the best herpes dating sites for people with herpes condition. In this vast dating minefield which has saturated the internet, we help you by pointing out the top herpes dating sites, with detailed information and valuable reviews. Our objective is to source out and review the best sites based on the services offered, policies, privacy features, global reach, ease of use, and much more. The above-listed features and indicators help us compare and list the websites, ranking them from best to worst.

If you are ready to jump back in the saddle and start the quest for your next romantic match, try browsing through our comprehensive herpes dating sites reviews; you are guaranteed to find one that satisfies your requirements! We are here to assist you in your path towards leading a normal life.

Top 10 Herpes Dating Sites

Positive Singles Review


There are a few reasons why Positive Singles is the best STD dating site around. The site has been helping people find STD support and love since 2002 and has over 60,000 success stories. It is hard not to get excited when you are on Positive Singles because it offers so many features and benefits. In reality, while you can meet interesting and compatible singles, you can also find a lot of support through the blogs, forums, and chat room, which makes this website a welcoming place to go for anyone who has an STD.



If you are living with herpes, and you want to meet someone for friendship or dating who understands and supports you, then MPWH is a herpes dating site that you will want to check out. focuses on herpes dating, and the site's easy signup process and navigation tools make it a dating site perfect for anyone at any age, and with any level of online dating experience.

HSV Singles


HSV Singles has been called the most popular dating and support site for Singles with HSV, and it ranks up there as one of our top recommendations for herpes dating websites. HSV Singles has some great features to help you find someone of interest, and it is cost effective compared to some other herpes dating sites. The site even has a rare 1-year subscription plan, which is ideal for members who want to take their time getting to know other members without the hassle up continuously renewing a membership.

HWerks Review


HWerks is a dating website exclusive to people suffering with Herpes. It creates a sensitive environment to connect with those who share the same struggle, but who desperately wants deep relationships; not just romantic relationships, but potentially lifelong friendships. The structure of the site is entirely for the benefit of its members, who all experience the everyday toil of Herpes. They offer a one-time expense sign-up, at which point full access to the social network is available. Support, friendships, and love are just one-click away.



When looking for an STD dating site, you want one that is sensitive to your needs, values you as a member, protects your privacy and gives you features that quickly help you connect and get to know other members. In this review, you will learn why HMates can provide all of that and more. was created by people who are living with Herpes, and it is very focused on making sure that people are safe, secure, and comfortable on the site.

STD Friends

Living with an STD can make it quite challenging to initiate and sustain a relationship, be it a friendship or romance. STD Friends is a popular support and dating website that makes life a lot easier for people living with STDs. STD Friends is a lot more than just a dating forum dedicated to finding other like-minded singles facing the same problem as you are. Its scope extends to publishing blogs and articles, finding support and advice, and making new friends to share your problems with.

Date Positive

Date Positive is a pioneering positive singles dating site in the UK, having over 6000 members. Date Positive is open for people outside the UK also, though most active members are from the UK itself. Incepted in 2006, Date Positive is one of the most trusted and affordable dating sites. With a nominal monthly fee, a member can access a set of features that are offered by premium sites at high prices. It is easy to use and connect with other members.

Herpes Passions

As a fast developing networking and dating website, Herpes Passions is a perfect choice for such people. It is a completely free of cost dating site, where people with Herpes can receive and send messages to interact with others for free. Herpes Passions allows people with HSV-1 and HSV-2 to find love. Herpes Passions also has a feature where the members can quickly join a network online. By doing do, they can also select and connect, according to their interest levels, to other dating websites.

STD Soulmates

STD Soulmates is an online dating website that aims to bring STD Singles together so that they can find friendship and love while supporting each other. STD Soulmates offers HPV dating, Herpes dating, and HIV dating at absolutely no cost at all. It is very easy to search through other profiles to get a perfect match. While the members can find friends and love by interacting with each other, they can also understand and support each other. STD Soulmates also extends support to people with STDs by sharing information and articles that can help them through their struggle.

H-YPE is an online dating platform for people in the United Kingdom, who are suffering from Herpes or HPV. The YPE in the title name stands for your positive experience. is built to provide a positive experience to its visitors and members. People suffering from an STD tend to get lonely while feeling discriminated and unhappy. aims to provide such people a community support. The members can hope to find love, support, and real friendships through H-YPE.