Top 10 Best Herpes Dating Sites Reviews of 2017

For many, finding out they have an STD means the end of their dating life. It’s difficult to imagine telling someone you care about that you have an illness which could get passed on to them.

However, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of herpes dating sites out there, as well as STD dating sites with a section specifically for herpes dating. We’ve compiled a list of the top herpes dating sites to help anyone who needs assistance in finding who shares their condition. Every site is a great choice for herpes dating, although obviously some will be better than others.


Positive Singles Homepage

This site calls itself the largest STD dating site in the world. Wherever you live, be it the UK, US, or elsewhere, there should be at least a few options near you through Positive Singles. They also provide a lot of support services, including support through chat or in their forums, and plenty of inspirational stories that have been submitted by members.

Signup is free and comes with a profile and up to 27 photos, the ability to send winks and search through members by a variety of topics, and access to most of the support services. Membership costs around $30 per month (as little as $16 a month if you buy a multi-month package), and provides access to useful features like counseling via chat or email, extra search options (including by STD if you’re specifically looking for herpes dating), the ability to start actual conversations, and bumping your profile to the top of any applicable searches.

With or without the added features, it’s the top site on the list and the best place to start.

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MPWH Homepage

This site’s front page layout and site structure are very similar to Positive Singles, and the costs are the same, but it is specifically intended for herpes dating. There won’t be any members with other STDs on the site, making it simpler to narrow down your search.

They’ve also created a simple and intuitive mobile dating app that gets high scores on many herpes dating sites reviews, putting MPWH ahead of many herpes dating sites.

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HSV Singles Homepage

Another site specifically created for dating someone with herpes, HSV Singles is also free to join. The single month membership will cost $25, but paying for a longer term up front will drop the price as low as $7.50 a month. Unfortunately, without a paid membership the site ends up being very basic- you can send “flirts,” browse by age, location, and photo, and receive messages from other members.

Once you’ve paid, HSV Singles becomes a much more viable option for herpes dating. It starts with a swarm of extra search filters, which are vital to finding someone you’re truly compatible with. You’ll also gain the ability to start conversations, hide your profile, and access the site’s chat room. It might not be the best herpes dating site, but a paid membership makes the site worth trying.

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HWerks Homepage

This particular site is one of the most unique dating sites for people with herpes, or even in general. It is impossible to get a free membership to HWerks, but instead of charging a monthly fee, the site charges a one time $30 fee to join. Once you’ve paid, you never need to pay again.

The site includes blogs, a mobile version for browsing on the go, user run forums, and IM and video chat. You’ll also find more detailed profiles than many other sites, since members tend to be more invested without an extra cost for sticking around. It’s perfect for those who are looking for cheap herpes dating without being limited by what they’ve paid.

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HMates Homepage

Another unique offering, HMates is one of the only herpes dating sites that are 100% free. For many, this simple lack of a cost will make it the best free herpes dating site on this list.

With 24,000 members at the time of this writing, it’s a smaller site, but you can find someone with a little patience since there’s no charge involved. The site offers live chat rooms, the option to add video to your profile, and as always, the ability to customize your profile and add photos. The biggest feature to note is their no-scam policies- HMates weeds out any and all fake profiles to ensure their members have a better chance of actually finding a date.

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STD Friends Homepage

While intended more for general STD dating, it is possible for any member to search by STD, making STD Friends an option for herpes dating. It’s also the most inclusive site for free members. Membership only adds a few (admittedly essential) features, mostly forms of communication. Sending icebreakers, messages, live chat or video, and posting on a member’s timeline are all only available to members who paid the $25/month fee (as low as $13.33 in the package deals).

That leaves every possible form of searching, tracking profiles, updating your own, and browsing articles to help you with your condition available at no charge. You’ll be able to draw in someone who shares your condition and understands your personality with relative ease.

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Date Positive Homepage

This site is specifically for UK users with herpes and/or HIV. It claims to be the larger than all other herpes dating sites in the UK, and is definitely cheaper than other major sites. For only £3.99 a month, you can create blogs, video, and forum posts, or follow the same posts from other members. There’s also search, profile, and photo options available for free, although these features expand if you pay for membership. As long as you’re in the UK, it’s worth the time and effort to look around the site and see if Date Positive is right for you.

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Herpes Passions Homepage

Herpes Passions can be linked to your Facebook account for easy login, a first on this list, although it’s a common feature of sites in the Passions Network. It’s also possible to hide your photo and information on the site so only members can see it, although the front page does warn that profiles on the site might be visible through Google searches.

Membership is free, and can be upgraded to gold membership for $5/month. All the usual features are here, from chat rooms and profile searches to blogs, forums, and video posting. The typical winks and icebreakers are also expanded into a wide range of actions on this herpes dating site, leaving more room to let your personality shine through.

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STD Soulmates Homepage

Unlike most herpes dating sites, STD Soulmates will never charge you- all the features are available at no cost. Unfortunately, this particular site is a little text heavy. as it’s text heavy and the options are a little scattered. The interface will be confusing for some.

That said, the features list is solid once you find them. Profiles, searches, a few user photos, and the like are all available. The site’s real draw is its extensive article database, compiling news and research about STDs from various sources into one place. Unfortunately, the news articles do not appear to have been updated recently (the last piece posted was about Charlie Sheen being HIV positive), so there’s no telling how active the site owners are or how long the site will remain up.

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H-YPE Homepage

Another UK specific herpes dating site, H-YPE was created by people with herpes to help members meet others with herpes for dating or just for friendship. Standard members get access to members blogs, public forums, advanced profile searches, and more at no charge.

However, for £5.95 a month, you can also create your own blog, send emails and messages, chat live via text, audio, or video, or even add video to your profile. It’s a low cost upgrade that adds a lot of features, so it’s almost essential to enjoying the site.

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This list isn’t a comprehensive list of all herpes dating sites. It doesn’t need to be- all the top sites are represented here, and you’re more likely to have success on these sites than elsewhere. it’s also possible to find a date through herpes dating apps, but that’s a separate list (although there is some crossover, as mentioned in the section on MPWH).

Where the list started is also where it ends: while this isn’t a full Positive Singles review, it is definitely the best site to visit for any form of STD dating, and herpes dating is no exception. Their upgraded membership is a little more expensive than some others on the list, but it pays for itself.

Remember, your life doesn’t end just because you have herpes. Herpes dating is a real option, so keep looking.